Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A BEGGARS PURSE: Tight Memoir to Make You Smile

A Beggars Purse by Tony Nelson, Official Release July 6th, order from the Author now at her Web Site: TONI NELSON 

A Beggars Purse by Toni Nelson is a tightly composed memoir of a smiling, loving, caring Christian person who momentarily lost sight of her godly responsibility regarding the needy. I thoroughly enjoyed her recollection of what her childhood was like with the hobos her grandparents helped to feed. And then totally understood the slow transition away from doing things God’s way and getting more involved with school, college, marriage and kids. I think a lot of smilers (she tells us that she has always been a smiler, as have I) go through this same process only to come back around to their original desire to help others when the timing is right.

Toni realizes (again as an adult) that serving the needy is a God-given command. When Jesus says feed the hungry, clothe the poor, help people in desperate straits, He doesn’t give specifics. Just do it. He will send folks up to you to ask for help, and your job as His servant is to help the one who comes. Never turn away someone who asks for help or food. God would never turn us away – and He asks us to be like Him.

From A BEGGARS PURSE: p. 87 The majority of my friends know that whenever a homeless person approaches me and they ask me for food, I will not hesitate to find them a meal, On the other hand, some of my friends have told me that “those street people” are using me. I am embarrassed to say that this quote has been conveyed to me numerous times by people in the church. (end quote)

A very sad but common occurence. When in the city with my Christian friends, they invariably condemn me for helping the homeless or beggars. Toni Nelson gives us a wonderful little book to help us explain to our friends why we do what we do. We do it because Jesus would do it – and Toni really does it well because she also prays for the person when she gives them some food. Sounds like Someone else I know.


Ellen C Maze
Author of Christian Thrillers, including RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER

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