Thursday, June 17, 2010

Book Review: Sci-Fi novel FUTURE HOPE will Give you Hope!

Book Review of FUTURE HOPE by David Gelber
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Our earth, zoom ahead a couple hundred years, subtract God and you’ll have the basic idea of where this enchanting story begins. Science and Technology is very advanced; medical woes easily repaired, diseases all but eradicated, starvation and poverty controlled and corrected—what’s not to like? Well, hardly anyone turns to God anymore. Those who hold on to any vestiges of faith are sequestered off by themselves, outcasts because of their intolerant religion. But this issue is merely a side-story in one of the grandest Future-World Tales I have ever read.

Science can only take you as far as your earth and nearby solar system can provide resources for your burgeoning population. The solution? Travel through a newly discovered trans-dimensional portal in space in a special spacecraft designed for the purpose and seek out new resource planets. A Horse-Racing Enthusiast best friend, a top-notch female mathematician, a capable but hotshot astro pilot, and a Westie Terrier named Little Bit take us on an unforgettable journey through space, time and dimension.

To Eden.

A Biblical Eden where Adam and Eve didn’t eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and their families grew many generations without staining their perfect world. Everything was perfect, that is, until after-the-fall earthling Major David Saunders crash lands on their Eden planet and changes things up by his presence alone.

Author David Gelber spins us a yarn that will wow as well as entertain. His world-building skills are out of this galaxy, expertly explaining the conditions of this future world, detailed histories that got them where they are today, military and civilian governmental proceedings, character medical issues, and space-flight complexities—all expressed to the reader with flair and aplomb. I was spellbound and unable to poo-poo any of his futuristic predictions of what we might be like then.

But more than all of this, I love the book because of the last few chapters…I love the resolution so much. I won’t give it away, but I guarantee if you enjoy books in this genre, you will love it too.

Nicely done, David! Bravo and a million thumbs up!

Ellen C Maze

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  1. Thank you for your very kind words. There is a sequel which will be available July 1st "Joshua and Aaron ITP Book Two". Look for it soon at