Monday, June 21, 2010

Book review: SHOOT THE WOUNDED Christian Teens

SHOOT THE WOUNDED by Lynn Dove on Amazon

5-Stars all the way for this moving yet delightful peek into the life of teenagers Leigh, Ronnie and Jake. The book opens with a funeral and works its way backward from there with ingenious and masterful plot-work arranged carefully so that I was never confused or distracted from the story web that was woven around me.

This book deals with how to live out your faith as a teen, face up to peer pressure, resist temptation, teen pregnancy and the stressful interpersonal relationships among different cliques. All these themes and more are covered, executed in a wonderful prose that I’m confident you’ll appreciate.

It is obvious to me that Lynn Dove is an artist, weaving words into a story as few writers can. Christian teens will be greatly encouraged by reading this book and I look forward to seeing more from her as she explores the stories God has given her to share.

As for the title, I asked my husband what it meant because I’d never heard that phrase. He said that he’d heard a preacher once say that Christians are the only people who shoot their own wounded. When asked to clarify, he said that Christians see another believer yanked into despair and sin and they berate and judge them harshly instead of lifting them up and reminding them of the love of God. In that sense, the title is perfect for this story. Well done, Lynn! Amen and amen.

Ellen C Maze

Author of Curiously Spiritual Vampire Tales

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  1. Ellen, thank you so much for the 5 star review!
    I am truly humbled.