Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MEANDER SCAR: A Meaningful Love Story for Grown-Ups

Meander Scar, by Lisa Lickle, ISBN-13: 978-1934912232, purchase on Amazon here: MEANDER SCAR ON AMAZON Paperback and Kindle.

Meander Scar is a love story; romantic, touching and inspiring.

It’s is also a story of devotion, passion and perseverance. Main characters Ann Ballard and Mark Roth feed the flame of their growing love, despite the trials placed upon them by a judgmental public and the tribulations caused by hard-hearted family members.

Ann worries she might be a cougar, Mark wonders if he is a pervert. See, even though Mark is in his thirties, Ann is old enough to be his mother (but just barely). She’s a little uncomfortable that she knew him as a youngster, when his family lived next door and her son played with Mark’s younger brother. This relationship is assaulted by haunting memories of the death of Mark’s brother, the mysterious disappearance of Ann’s husband, Gene, and a number of mean relatives who have no concern for Ann’s personal well-being or happiness. And don’t even try to get Mark’s parents to understand.

Despite all this, the story woven around Mark and Ann is powerful, involving and moving. At times, I became so angry at some of the selfish relatives, I would literally fume—but isn’t that what makes this story so real? Each character is a real person, with depth, emotions and all-to-familiar short-comings. I hope you will read this book and walk in Ann’s shoes a while. See what it feels like to fall in love, for real—for the first time. And you can go with Mark as he opens himself up completely and utterly to the woman he’s loved his entire adult life. This story will stay with you. I know it has stayed with me.


Ellen C Maze
Author of RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER, a unique look at the vampire mythos

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