Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Movie Review: MOON -- When Your Clone is all You Got

MOON starring Sam Rockwell. Now on DVD. Buy on Amazon here: MOON AT AMAZON

Sam Bell has a problem. There’s a guy on the base that is his identical twin—and he’s an only child.

This would be a good tagline for Duncan Jones’ MOON.

This Clone/Outer Space tale is very well made, very well-acted and original enough to hold your attention.

Sam Rockwell puts in an amazing performance playing multiple clones with different levels of awareness and experience ‘being awake’. The plot unfolds at a nice pace and secrets are not revealed haphazardly; but precisely at the right moment, where they will produce the most UMPH for the buck. Sam Bell has a robot helper named GERTY who is voiced excellently by Kevin Spacey.

The special effects of showing the actor Sam Rockwell standing next to and interacting with himself as another clone were seamless. No cheesy split-screens here –you honestly cannot tell that he is not there with himself. Awesome technology and artistry. Which brings us to the music – a lovely, eerie score pumps up the emotion of the film and really adds atmosphere to this alien landscape.
Funny note: Watch for a cheeky insert of a different type of ‘moon’ when Sam Bell has a shower on camera…

Rated R for nudity and language. Nudity for this rear-only shower scene, and language for the ‘f’ word used multiple times, and ‘Jesus Christ’ used as a curse word multiple times.

A movie for adults, I give this movie 5-stars and I think most people will enjoy it. I watched it twice and liked it equally the 2nd time. Perhaps you will too. Have fun!

Ellen C Maze
Author of Unique Vampire Fiction, RABBIT: CHASING BETH RIDER

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