Sunday, September 26, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: "After Eventide" a Quirky, Fun, and Addicting Vampire Tale

 After Eventide by Catherine Olson
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 5/5 Bunnies 

Author Catherine Olson has created something new wither vampire novel AFTER EVENTIDE. In this story, 15-yr-old Lorraine Meriwether (Rain for short) goes to stay with her dad on the beach on CA over the summer. While there, she meets a very old vampire with a historical background. Author Olson divines a new origin for the vampires and tinkers with their abilities and motives enough to make this vampire tale stand apart from every other one I have read. The storytelling is top-notch, and by sticking our pre-vampire Harold Godwin into his medieval England past, the reader gets a fun history lesson peopled with men from the modern tale. I found this aspect of the book fun and unique enough that it was difficult to put it down between chapters.

My very favorite thing about this novel is the lead’s running narrative. She makes me laugh out loud with the things she thinks and the way she perceives the world around her. Somehow, author Olson has channeled this adolescent child perfectly, and reminded me what it was like to be that age. Bravo!

PG-13 for language (a few F-words) and vampire violence, suitable for YA and Adults

Ellen C. Maze
Author of Curiously Spiritual Vampire Tales

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