Thursday, September 9, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Portal Hunters Guardians--SCI-FI @ its BEST


PORTAL HUNTERS GUARDIANS has opened up a completely new world for me. As a busy writer of Christian horror--vampires, ghouls, demons and redemption from a biblical perspective--my opportunities to read outside of my genre is very limited. But when I met author David Furr online and started chatting about his book, I became intrigued by the remarkable basic-theme he presented: Tame portals, controlled by man and used daily as safe and instantaneous conveyance to pre-chosen destinations, versus rogue portals, which open without warning, anywhere on the planet with the opposite gate being anywhere in the universe. Imagine a rogue portal opening in our oceans, draining our limited water supply onto some far distant planet or star! Imagine a portal from a poisonous alien atmosphere opening over New York, spilling toxic chemicals our scientists have never seen before! How do we stop them? Who do we get to stop them? My imagination ran wild on these issues, so I secured a copy of this book to read for myself.

Portal Hunters does not disappoint on any level. Let's begin by mentioning that Furr has assembled an ensemble cast of diverse characters, well-written and distinct enough that I did not confuse them as we moved through the story. My favorite two were Eva Katona and Michael Traush, and even though this book was never drawn down by useless melodrama, if I had my druthers, we'd have a little romantic aside with these two in the next book . I also want to commend the author for the visual acuity he was able to achieve wasting as few words as possible. Personally, I prefer my scene description to be worked into the action, and this is Furr's method as well. Never was the plot slowed down to describe a flowery field or decorative architecture, except that which was important to the plot. Also, kudos on the careful writing of the dozens of hand-to-hand combat and battle scenes, so well-described and thought out that I could see every kick and shove in my mind as I read. Those are not easy to write, especially when you have to do so many, but Furr pulls this off with the ease of a seasoned writer. Well done!

Being a person of vivid imagination, I was especially pleased when Furr's solid sci-fi plot veered into the realm of fantasy by tickling inter-dimensional space issues. Whoo-weee! --that was a fun and unexpected bonus for me.

Lastly, I believe we'll see PORTAL HUNTERS on the big screen one day. This unique plot-line revolves around a fantastic and original twist on the "Stargate" theory. In the hands of a half-decent Hollywood director, this has all the makings of a blockbuster as big as Star Wars, with a new crop of heroes and villains for us to sink our teeth into. Until then, we'll eagerly look forward to the Portal Hunters next adventure.

Ellen C. Maze

Author of Curiously Spiritual Vampire Tales

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