Sunday, January 9, 2011


On the Soul of a Vampire, by Krisi Keley

Rarely do I pick up a “vampire novel” and find something new, and with On the Soul of a Vampire, this is exactly what happened. Using the vampire’s point of view to tell the majority of the story, author Krisi Keley tapped something deep, satisfying, and spiritually powerful.

The book opens with the centuries-old vampire, Valery, taking notice of a young woman who simultaneously draws and repels him. Immediately, the reader knows that there is something special about this girl, and as the vampire works to understand his infatuation with her from a safe distance, the suspense is killer as we wait for the two to meet.

We learn that the girl, Angelina, has a curious past; memories of centuries she never lived in, and of people and places she could not have possibly known. By the time Valery accidentally exposes himself to Angelina and then approaches her, we are desperate to know the true connection between these two.

I think that is the main mystery to this book—who is Angelina to Valery? I will not even come close to ruining the surprise for you, but trust me, the revelation of who these two are was completely satisfying.

In addition to Valery, we are also allowed access to Michel’s POV, Valery’s younger proselyte. His sensitivity is utterly different from that of his maker, and peeking into his mental processes was pure joy. It is my belief that every reader will find his or herself in one of these main three characters: you will identify with one and that connection will take you on a ride you’ll want to experience repeatedly, even when the novel comes to a conclusion. Keley is planning a sequel, so here I wait, licking my lips and expecting great things.

Lastly, this book can be called “Christian Horror,” a term often applied to my own vampire novels. It contains all of the elements necessary for a best-selling gothic horror tale with the added bonus of “making sense” to the biblically-minded. “This could really happen” fits this novel well, and I had a wonderful time imagining it was real.

Do you have to be a religious person to appreciate and enjoy it? Definitely not. I have never seen a smoother, softer, more delicate use of biblical ideas in a novel. In fact, this book is the opposite of what the general public thinks Christian novels are; it is never preachy or obvious in any way, but utilizes a simple, quiet undertone of spiritual elements that add richness and a 3-dimensional quality to the characters.

Read it, believe it, experience the life of a vampire like you never have before. Recommended. 5-stars.

Ellen C. Maze
Bestselling author of “Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider” and “The Judging”

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  1. Thank you so much, Ellen - you rock! It is truly an honor and an inspiration to receive such a great review from my new favorite vampire author!