Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Power Pendant of Planet Pzion, SPACE OPERA W/TRUTH

Power Pendant of Planet Pizon: a Star Chosen sci-fi novelette (KINDLE)
by Joe Chiappetta

5-Bunnies for all ages!!

Fun, family-friendly, and a super adventure, POWER PENDANT has it all. This is my first Chiapetta novella, but it's not my last. And the Truth of the Gospel is portrayed within the tale, and I was moved more than once by the truths laid out for all to see.

This passage (Page 18) gave me such chills: Pamma sighed at Oraxo's cynicism and declared, "I may be a newbie member of God's chosen people, but I understand enough to share with you this: God cares about us so much that he sent the Advocate to live among us, and show us how to truly love as God intended. Yet the people, us included, rejected this. Nevertheless, to show the full extent of God's compassion for us, the Advocate died for all the evil we have done, opening a path of forgiveness back to him. He did this by rising from the dead."

This awesome Truth still gets me!

Great for all readers, of all ages.

Ellen C. Maze
Author of Curiously Spiritual Vampire Tales
including the #1 Customer-Ranked Horror novel: RABBIT:CHASING BETH RIDER

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