Friday, February 25, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Blood Moon of Winter by Courtney Conant *Terrific Fantasy Yarn*

Conant spins a yarn for the ages. A seemingly ordinary woman discovers that she's actually the goddess of another world. Falling in love as she explores her new parameters, Lilyana and Jason are meant to be together~~here OR there. The unexpected twist at the very end will compel us all to dive into the sequel.

Conant's storytelling lends itself to this genre. She knows her stuff, and all fans of fantasy should enjoy the time spent in her world. Some of my favorite elements of the book I have to leave out of my review because they might spoil things for you, but trust me, you will see many original elements come to life in these pages.

BLOOD MOON OF WINTER is a love story, a fantasy yarn, and a tale told from an original heart. Enjoy the ride. 

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Ellen C Maze
Author of Curiously Spiritual Vampire Tales

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