Friday, November 2, 2012


We all love writers conferences, but too often the timing of them either conflict with our schedules, are too far away, or are priced way out of our budgets. Boot Camp for Christian Writers has been running seminars and writers conferences out of Beeson Divinity School based inside Birmingham, Alabama’s Samford University for years, and recently begun to publish their curriculum for outsiders as well!
To date, five volumes have been published in paperback with two more coming out in November. The workbooks are excellently written and presented in a learning-friendly way, with plenty of space for notes above and beyond the exercises and study questions.
Who wrote these books? Two extremely prolific and successful authors have teamed up to help anyone who will come succeed in publishing. 
Denise George is the author of more than 27 traditionally-published books, and more than 1500 magazine articles. 
Carolyn Tomlin is the author of more than 4000 magazine articles and numerous books. Both ladies share their knowledge and expertise in each workbook to give us the writers conference experience right in our homes.
I think it would be fun to get some writer-friends together and purchase these books and run your own seminar. This is great when you can’t get to Alabama or Tennessee for the conference!
Find the workbooks on Amazon at this link.

Get back to writing!

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